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If you are in Toronto, and you need to take your child to a private school in Toronto, look no further than Duke Academy. Duke Academy is a nice private school whose vision is to foster global awareness, provide quality education and improve intellectual skills of the leaders of tomorrow. Duke Academy, is located in one of the most populous cities in Canada, Toronto. Duke Academy is the place to be because it provides a wide range of educational options, such as TOEFL test preparation, IELTS classes, and ESL classes. All these are very special classes, and this proves that Duke Academy is the perfect private school in Toronto. Such knowledge is passed to the learners from very experienced teachers. If you want to know more then, you have to click here 

In addition to that, Duke Academy provides services such as one-on-one tutorials that help the students to improve their skills, languages and other subjects in general. With their awesome education programs, you can be assured that your child will be admitted to post-secondary institutions because they will have met the requirements.  This is possible basically because they provide awesome courses, courses that give the learners experiences and skills needed in their further educational life.

One thing that is unique about Duke Academy is that you don’t have to attend the Duke Academy traditional school. As long as you have a laptop and a speedy internet, you can access their programs online. Their online programs equip the learners with skills and knowledge that is necessary in this very competitive world.

Admission into Duke Academy.  

You must know that admission into Duke Academy is very competitive. You, therefore, have to encourage your kid to work extra hard if he or she wants to join Duke Academy. The programs run throughout the year with each semester lasting for two months. This means that in every two months, students can begin doing new courses.

For one to get admitted into Duke Academy, the following steps have to be followed

  1. Complete an application of Duke
  2. Submit your transcripts obtained from your former school.
  3. Pay up the application fees.

Once the learner has submitted his or her documents, the concerned parties will communicate back to them within a week to confirm the application status.

Programs offered in Duke Academy

Duke Academy offers a wide range of programs. Some students enroll on a full-time basis program while at Duke School, this means that in the whole academic high school years, such students are always in school. Their semesters, as we have seen above are rather short.

One popular course offered in Duke Secondary school is senior Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses that include subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Calculus, Advanced Functions, Data Management and Economics.

However, if the learner is in need of grade 9 and grade 10 courses, then he or she can be able to contact the managers of the institution.



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